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Sun, Nov. 18th, 2007, 12:06 am
like omg

i have no idea who really does this lj thing anymore
but i will be HOME in less and 24 hrs and hope to see some of you! not as in, selectively, i only want to see some of you, but as in, only some of you will even be around. the "you" part remains variable anyway...

real update to come? ¿quizás?

Tue, Nov. 28th, 2006, 08:58 am
eeek. the countdown.

so. i have exactly one month to do things which are either

a) really crazy
b) really impressive

so i can say "i did such and such before i turned 21."

all suggestions appreciated :)

Fri, Jun. 16th, 2006, 12:11 pm

although i by no means condone the word usage,


(also very much applies to facebook)
(though i do admit to being drawn in by facebook)

aha. who reads this anymore? tomorrow i've got a date at surf city with a portuguese native speaker who just returned from brazil to work on my song for the benefit concert. :) next week on wednesday my dad and grandpa and two uncles are singing the national anthem at the giants game (like last year!) and so i'll be in the city for a little bit, also celebrating my beautiful little cousin's birthday.

i forgot to mention! (the first part yale people will get, the second part california people will)...last weekend i went up to berkeley to see josh copeland and ian howell sing in the finals for the american bach soloists competition, and it was wonderful. my parents are very seldom exposed to early music, and especially have never heard people i sing with, or people of josh's/ian's ability, so they just loved it, and i must say everyone really rose to the occasion (although it was so dumb that derek didn't make it, honestly!). we walked around before the concert and my mom told me she almost went to berkeley instead of UCSC, which was strange to think about; we had a great thai dinner (esp good thai iced teas, yumm) and went to a couple vintage stores. the next day my parents met up with some friends at the de young museum, so i joined them but mostly went through the exhibits alone, which was really good. i definitely want to go back for the upcoming monet special exhibit, and on a much less crowded day (something so nice about having all the time and space in the world to read the details of all the amazing works). after that, there was some trouble figuring out scheduling, but i eventually got to meet up with steph and fiiinally catch up, after a semester of busyness. my dad secretly slipped me a $5 bill to get coffee (i'm glad mom didn't see, he is the best), so we went to "tart to tart" on geary and had a great time reconnecting over chai and keylime cheesecake and an apricot brioche. my parents had made another date for dinner with a couple of friends of theirs, but this time i just invited steph along and we went to get gourmet pizza (and looked at new glasses frames, and the owner lady was craaaaazy!). dropping steph off, it turns out that she lives literally 3 min away from my grandparent's house (vernon is the street right after byxbee, near urbano/ocean and all that!). extremely exciting. so sometime i'll go up to visit again :)

i'm ready to get out more into the burrito and coffee establishments santa cruz has to offer, even if only for sitting and reading and the optional people-watching factor. would've done a beach walk today, but remembered i'd get burned, so i'll go to the lake in the morning instead (have to be up early anyway to let the piano tuner guy in! yesss!!). summa school starts soon and the benefit's in a little over a week- yipes! my portuguese will sound significantly less like spanish tomorrow, i'm certain. there're a lot of goals for this summer, but i don't want to take a voice lesson until i cash the first few babysitting/housesitting checks. hmm. don't like money, but oh well.

be in touch, all!


Wed, May. 24th, 2006, 07:13 pm

after many many travels, i am back home in santa cruz. dayumn this weather is amazing. i have yet to have my first real mexican burrito of 2006, but i hope to remedy that within the next couple of hours (whew). i'm at the aptos public library trolling for good summer reading to curl up with, since my mom's at a japanese study session (she's studying and i'm not! woooo!!!) and i had a spare hour.

i know many of you santa cruzians aren't home yet, but when you do get back, let me know! or if you know the short window you'll be back, i'll mark it on my calendar. there are definitely some movies to watch, some bonfires to sing songs at, some stories to get caught up on, for sure.


Mon, May. 8th, 2006, 09:10 pm

i am very happy with life right now. my last final was fiiiine, A-/B+/B kinda dealie; much much more importantly, my end of the year recital was so much fun. i've been experimenting with this tactic of letting myself enjoy things more lately...like, hey, you want to do well at this, everyone else wants you to do well at this, you can if you just chill out, so chill out, enjoy the ride. testing and singing wise, it's been pretty awesome. it's spring and, well, i'm kind of just loving it.

i also realized how much i miss jazz and singing with a mic and not just being the hooty sop trying to sell a song in another language to stuck up fools. my advisor told me to quit everything else and do jazz, which made me laugh. it may have been a joke. tempting! but not really. i'll settle for rustling up some old repertoire this summer and figuring out a close-to-beginning of the schoolyear concert, maybe? there must be some way to do jazz at yale- though i certainly haven't found one in these past two years. TWO YEARS?! i've only known these people two years...

uh, this is kind of boring! but that's okay! where will everyone be this summer??

i must pack or tomorrow morning will be tragic. on second thought, i'm going to go watch a movie with the roomies and then go to ivy noodle (the noodle/soup place) for some spicy tofu coconut soup with udon. and maybe stay up all night. okay, i'll pack for a little while. but then soup!

did i mention i love life right now.


Fri, Apr. 28th, 2006, 11:48 pm
today i am 20 and 4 months!

the best finals food:

stewart's ginger beer (spicy to keep you awake)
chocolate covered espresso beans (actually physically makes you stay awake)

resolved: i shall eat nothing else in the next two days, but these two things.

Thu, Mar. 2nd, 2006, 10:02 am
nueva zelanda...


is where i'm going tomorrow, for 2 weeks.


we stop off in L.A. for a 3 hr layover in the evening...any southern folks want to visit and meet mixedco? :)

wish me luck driving through hobbitland on the wrong side of the road, scaling glaciers, bungee jumping, wine country traversing, hiking, and singing all the while.


Tue, Feb. 21st, 2006, 10:27 pm
first o' the semester

i realized i haven't posted all semester, and yet, i understand now why...ok, it could be because i'm busy, it could be because it started with winter tour then snow job prep then my parents were here then midterms...but i think it's really because i couldn't post anything as good as this til now:


a 10 yr old boy doing the queen of the night aria from magic flute, to summarize.

things have been good, much more cogent and at peace after midterms. i am finally getting to appreciate my having taken only 4 classes this semester, and damn, it's good. my room is not as clean as it could be, but i'm doing all my reading (imagine!), going out much more, sending things in the mail and getting all the financial aid stuff/scholarship letters accounted for in a timely fashion so there's no last minute scramble in which i wonder if i'll be able to still go here each semester (i can always do the rich kids' laundry as workstudy right? :).

i can't complain, although lately there've been more of those 'lack of companionship'-driven thought patterns than usual (what an academic way to put it). the last lyric of a friend's voice recital makes better sense: "I have some light, I want to mingle it with yours." the absence of a person on the receiving end of that statement doesn't really bother me much, which is probably a problem; i mean, it's a little disconcerting, but i'm not doing much to change it. who knows if i even know my own type, if i've never had to go ask them out myself? this realization calls for many offers of coffee, i think; and it's not like there are so many straight ones here, so hey, it might be worth a try to work on my batting average (jk..kinda). more on this later if i encounter (and get the courage/decisiveness to pursue) someone who is presumably chill enough for me to ditch a drama-free single life & risk rejection etc etc.

like i said, things are good :) lately i'm all about reading and staying warm, coffeeshops and conversation, the good life.


Fri, Dec. 30th, 2005, 01:00 pm

I'm off to Boston!! A fond farewell, and a very Happy New Year to you!

My resolution: Recognize and pursue the spiritually attractive.

In multiple ways, mind you. :)


Wed, Dec. 28th, 2005, 02:58 pm
Birthday/Farewell til summer

i just emailed this to some people whose emails were readily accessible (don't be sad if i couldn't find yours!). if you'd like to come, comment!

"Hello friends!

Today I am 20, yes, done with that teen thing, and prepping for a new year. :) Some of you I've been lucky enough to see already (albeit briefly) this short break, and others have only been in my thoughts. Long story short, I'm leaving on the 30th to get to Boston for a New Year's gig with one of my singing groups (first new year's away from home!); you can call this a birthday soirée, a goodbye-for-six-months gathering, etc, but the gist of it is, I'd love to see you.

So, stop by my house, tomorrow Dec 29th, from 7pm on; stay if you can, leave with a cookie and a hug if you can't, no questions asked. :)

Write back if you can make it, and I'll send directions! (I live off Green Valley Rd in Watsonville)

Love and all the best to you,

Yup. I'm going to go sing some more, start packing, then it's out to dinner with parents, and a facial/massage. :D


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